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IoT Solutions for Logistics

Reduce costs and improve long-term performance both within warehouses and throughout the supply chain.

IoT Solutions for Logistics

Reduce costs and improve long-term performance both within warehouses and throughout the supply chain.

Your company can immediately benefit from these and other highly innovative IoT solutions for greater efficiency and better service to customers.

  • Warehouse systems
    Pick to Light, Put to Light, and Sort by Light will streamline picking, warehousing, and sorting activities.
  • Collaborative robots (cobots) 
    Employed in the transportation of goods and order preparation, will increase supply chain efficiency.
  • Track&Trace Systems 
    Using smart sensors for asset tracking will result in the marked improvement of flows.


Global IoT spending in the logistics market will exceed USD 114 billion by 2032.

Thanks to Meteca, you can enter this impressively huge market right away, with the right tools to approach it in a safe and tailored way. Take advantage of a partner with decades of know-how in the technology sector.

  • Over 40 companies have already chosen us for support in the design and development of IoT projects
  • Over 25 new IoT products have been successfully launched on the market
  • We have already worked in more than 10 industries

IoT Advantages

Optimize logistics and transportation processes

Faster stocking, reduced errors and defects in production processes, more accurate inventory, improved fleet management, enhanced tracking and traceability.

Eliminate unnecessary

Automation of many of the manual processes involved in supply chain, breakdowns prevention and downtime reduction thanks to predictive maintenance, losses reduction through continuous monitoring of the entire production chain.

Improve customer

Greater visibility into the delivery process, faster problems identifications, better turnaround time for orders.

Increase corporate sustainability

Optimised fuel consumption and carbon footprint, reduced environmental impact through efficient logistics, waste reduction with access to critical data.


We develop customised IoT solutions that will fit perfectly into your business and technological reality.

We start by examining your real needs and defining clear project specifications, taking care of both the prototyping and the production phases, with continuous support in the certification process, always with a special focus on security. 

A safe and proved process centred on our know-how and on Briki technology, thanks to which you drastically reduce your time-to-market. 

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Great people, great stories

“I’ve always been driven not so much by a love for technology per se, but by the satisfaction of seeing how each company can make the best of technological innovation for its own sake.”

  • Co-Founder & Member of the Arduino board from the origin in 2005
  • In 2009 she established the Swiss office of Arduino
  • At the end of 2018, she founded Meteca SA leveraging skilled and talented people



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