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IoT Solutions for
Smart Buildings

Save on utility costs with better energy efficiency and improve buildings safety and comfort

IoT Solutions for
Smart Buildings

Save on utility costs with better energy efficiency and improve buildings safety and comfort.

Your company can immediately benefit from these and others highly innovative IoT solutions for the benefit of optimized resources management and improved constructions maintenance.

  • Automated Building Management Systems (BMS) allow the remote control of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting and security systems, with the possibility to optimize energy use customizing settings for different hours or days, rooms occupancy etc… This improves efficiency and sustainability with minimal effort.
  • Predictive Maintenance helps prevent faults and thus minimise repair costs of building equipment by setting IoT alarms to monitor the operating status. By using real-time data to monitor equipment performance, building managers can identify potential problems before they become critical and take preventive measures.
  • Physical and Cyber security systems use IoT to make buildings safer and more secure. On the physical side, for example, sensor networks ranging from smoke and flame detectors to air quality sensors, integrated with access control systems, can activate lockdown systems or open secured doors in areas at risk of fire or air pollution. From the virtual side, advanced Building.


Smart Building Market size crossed USD 85 Billion in 2022 and is poised to observe over 20% Compound Annual Growth Rate from 2023 to 2032.

Thanks to Meteca, you can enter this impressively huge market right away with a partner who brings decades of know-how in the technology sector and the right tools to approach it in a safe and tailored way. Take advantage of a partner with decades of know-how in the technology sector.

  • Over 40 companies have already chosen us for support in the design and development of IoT projects
  • Over 25 new IoT products have been successfully launched on the market
  • We have already worked in more than 10 industries

IoT Advantages

Enhance efficiency

Prediction and prevention of equipment or system failures, thanks to data collected and transmitted by sensor networks and analysed by advanced analysis tools.

Save energy costs

Reduced energy consumption and lower operational costs through intelligent energy management.

Improve occupant safety&well-being

Improving occupant satisfaction, productivity and well-being by creating a safe and healthy environment, using smart access, intelligent lighting, temperature control, air quality monitoring etc.

Reduce environmental impact

Minimized non-renewable energy consumption and waste using energy efficiency principles.


We develop customised IoT solutions that will fit perfectly into your business and technological reality.

We start by examining your real needs and defining clear project specifications, taking care of both the prototyping and the production phases, with continuous support in the certification process, always with a special focus on security. 

A safe and proved process centred on our know-how and on Briki technology, thanks to which you drastically reduce your time-to-market. 

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Great people, great stories

“I’ve always been driven not so much by a love for technology per se, but by the satisfaction of seeing how each company can make the best of technological innovation for its own sake.”

  • Co-Founder & Member of the Arduino board from the origin in 2005
  • In 2009 she established the Swiss office of Arduino
  • At the end of 2018, she founded Meteca SA leveraging skilled and talented people



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