Biodry Technology eliminates capillary rising damp permanently. It reverses the flow of water molecules by canceling the electrical disturbance present in the ground. By exploiting this natural physical principle, the system interrupts the interferences created by the underground movement of groundwater thus restoring the original balance to the wall. Biodry bases its technology on the natural physical principle of cancelling the progressive rise of moisture from the ground without invasive or aggressive methods and solving the true cause of capillary rising damp. Meteca R&D development team is working with Biodry to create a breakthrough product innovation. IoT and monitoring functionalities added to Biodry unique and eco-friendly technology for buildings renovation.

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Solbian, being the inventor of modern flexible solar panels – has the objective of being at the forefront of innovation and quality in this sector. Combined with a high level of service and support, beginning at the first customer contact through the whole system lifetime, they make sure to find the best solution for every single project – be it a small cargo bike or an impressive super-yacht. Investments in modern machinery together with a strong focus on research and development ensure they always stay one step ahead. And this is the reason why Solbian is partnering with Meteca, to keep following the path to innovation and make their products smarter with IoT and sensing technologies.

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Security Pattern

Security Pattern is a company who help creators of intelligent connected devices to design, implement and operate their systems with a sustainable security level. The company want to help to make it a habit to consider security aspects in any man-made system. Since its definition, on to its design and implementation, and during its operation. Their experience has led them to define methodologies to study at design-time, to build and ultimately to assess the security of a system. Because security is a process and standalone components are not enough. Together with Security Pattern Meteca ensures that Briki technology takes the fundamental aspect of security into consideration during the development of all new projects.

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A hub of technological excellence and services, to facilitate the digital transformation processes of their customers. This is the mission of FINIX Technology Solutions, a new player with a complete portfolio of products, solutions and services. FINIX also deals exclusively with the marketing in Italy of Fujitsu products, the main Japanese ICT company, in the Client Computing Device, Server and Storage fields. Meteca is glad to announce the partnership with Finix Technologies and to now be part of its innovation hub dedicated to IoT projects for industrial world, working to support the digital transformation of Italian companies.

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Scribit is a portable vertical plotter system that ushers in a new way of drawing, writing, and sharing content, from the digital world into the physical world, and turn your wall into a wonderwall. Scribit people are a group of art and robotics lovers that believe it’s time to bring more creativity and passion into daily routine, making robots accessible to everyone and bringing tomorrow’s technology into our lives. At the heart of the Scribit electronics there is our Briki MBC-WB responsible for Wi-Fi based cloud interface, robot movements (controlling also drawing and erasing functionalities) and sensors acquisition. Beside supplying the MBC, Meteca also produces the robot electronic motherboard and offers to Scribit R&D specific technical support.

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Sunspeker is a young Italian startup, founded by Fabrizio Chiara, Andrea Gaiardo e Alessandro Zerbetto and based in Turin, that develops innovative technologies for the ICT sector. Their first product is the SAS Totem, a brand-new industrial scale solution for the Out-Of-Home (OOH) communication. Solar energy, “green advertising”, high speed connectivity, environment monitoring, charging systems for electrical vehicles in the “last mile” power delivery: these are the technology solutions adopted by SAS Totem to face the nowadays smart-cities challenges within a typical totem form factor. Thanks to its modularity and to the huge amount of available pins, the Briki MBC-WB, is the perfect solution to manage sensors and IoT aspects of the SAS Totem. Meteca offers to SUNSPEKER their technology, sharing know-how and commercial and marketing actions.

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The Institute for Systems and Applied Electronics studies aspects of electronics technologies and technical computer science as applied to product development. The Department of Innovative Technologies participates in research strategies, particularly in terms of applied research and the transfer of knowledge to the Ticino business context. The aim is to be the reference partner for the development of innovation, particularly new products, for industries in Ticino, in the Insubria region and in specialist sectors throughout Switzerland. The issues dealt with by the Department of Innovative Technologies range across the sectors of informatics, electronics, mechanics and advanced materials, focusing particularly on the management of IT network systems in the general communications field, on system integration and on production system management. Meteca and SUPSI are partnering on Briki software development, and in particular they are now working on delivering a tool with Graphical User Interface for automatic code generation for the Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP), a process that lets engineers quickly test and iterate their control strategie.

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SmartMe.IO is a creative, passionate and knowledgeable place where knowledge is the tool to take unexpected steps-a place where it is possible to “reinvent the wheel.” SmartMe.IO designs and implements products based on combining open source and low-cost IoT technologies with Cloud technologies based on the OpenStack platform. SmartMe.IO provides solutions for Metering systems, Devices and Fleet Management, Monitoring, Crowdsensing and other aspects of Smart Environments and targets municipalities, utilities, companies that operate in complex environments such as airports and stations and have monitoring, identification, tracking, security and video surveillance needs. Smart-me is Meteca’s partner in developing custom software solutions. In particular, it has developed for Briki plug-ins for Visual Studio Code and has supported Meteca in integrating the Briki platform within PlatformIO.

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ATE Services

Ate Services is an established driving school that specializes in educating, training and perfecting the skills of individuals. Its main goal is to provide a comprehensive and effective learning experience for those who wish to obtain a driver’s license or improve their driving skills. Meteca is helping to turn into a product a prototype telemetry device, based on LiDAR technology, to aid track driving lessons and capable of detecting the speed of vehicles passing in front of the sensor in both directions. In addition, the device offers a Web App-based parameter customization interface.

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Applica is a company operating in the Information Technology and Telecommunications sector that offers scalable enterprise products and services based on the most advanced technologies designed to meet the most diverse and complex customer needs. Thanks to high expertise in software design and development and the use of the latest technologies, Applica Srl creates cutting-edge web solutions. Meteca collaborates with Applica to enable them to also provide customers with complete IoT hardware-software solutions, based on highly tailorable and scalable Briki technology products.