Briki: IoT module for industrial and professional sector

IoT Module for industrial and professional sector | Meteca

During the month of February our Briki® products have been published in one of the most important magazines of italian electronic sector, “Elettronica In n. 242” created by Futura Group SRL for the second time in two years.

Futura Group srl is an italian company that operates in the electronics field (and relatively in the technological sector) characterized by the creation and diffusion of articles through magazines, books and web with the goals to create knowledge and help promote new technologies, products and cutting-edge components.

Their magazine, Elettronica In, is a monthly review of electronic design, with education and informative intent, addressed to those who work in the electronics field.

The magazine contents are subdivided within different categories: practical projects, educational articles, hardware and software courses, electronics news, meetings, events, embedded IoT, renewable energy, and much more.

Our Briki® products have been defined by them as “a hardware and software development solution designed with the aim of facilitating the passage from a prototype to an industrial product ready for the market and can basically be seen as the Arduino for the professional world.”

All innovative details of our products made in Meteca SA have been deeply reviewed in their article that you can read here.

This article, another one concerning us of 2019 (here), and more interesting contents can be seen by subscribe to “Elettronica In” magazine,, in their website you can subscribe to obtain their contents, old and latest magazines, special editions and courses.

Our briki products can also physically be found at their shop Futura Elettronica, Via Adige 11, 21013 Gallarate (VA), +39 0331 752668,

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