Digital transformation in action: Meteca and Applica predictive maintenance success story

Meteca and Applica - Usecase


In a rapidly evolving market, adopting IoT technologies for predictive maintenance is a crucial step towards efficiency and innovation. This blog post delves into the successful partnership between Meteca and Applica, showcasing a real-world application of predictive maintenance that has set new benchmarks in the electromechanical industry.

The challenge

Faced with the need to enhance machine longevity and reduce unplanned downtime, a prominent Italian company in the electromechanical sector turned to Meteca and Applica for a solution. The challenge was to implement a monitoring and control system for rotating system machines that winds coils for electrical transformers, to avoid their costly stoppages. Another customer’s need was to reduce energy loss due to occasional abnormal power consumption of the coil annealing furnaces, thus avoiding waste of energy.

Solution through collaboration

Leveraging Meteca’s Briki technology and Applica’s advanced web solutions, Meteca created a tailor-made IoT kit that brought predictive maintenance capabilities to various machinery types. This integrated solution facilitated 24/7 monitoring, enabling the early detection of potential issues through configurable alarms, thus preventing downtime and reducing energy loss from abnormal power consumption.

Achieving tangible benefits

  • 60% Reduction in energy consumption: The IoT kit significantly lowered power wastage, directly impacting operational costs.
  • 24/7 Status monitoring: Continuous oversight ensured any anomalies were quickly identified and addressed.
  • 90% Downtime avoidance: Predictive maintenance allowed for timely interventions, greatly reducing the instances of machine stoppages.


The partnership between Meteca and Applica not only addressed the immediate challenges but also demonstrated the transformative power of IoT in industrial operations. This case study is a testament to how digital innovation can lead to substantial improvements in productivity, cost-efficiency, and sustainability.

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