Meteca and its new partnership with FINIX technology solution

Finix Partnership | Meteca

Thanks to the partnership with Meteca, FINIX Technology Solutions is growing stronger in the IoT sector related to the world of industry.

The Briki module – developed by the Swiss company Meteca – enters the FINIX technology hub.

To summarise:

  • This is a line of products dedicated to the industrial world, which aims to innovate through embedded and IoT solutions. The Briki system provides industry with a faster development process from proof-of-concept to product and, being at the same time fully compatible with the prototyping platforms most used by makers, it allows a bridge to be built between the 2 worlds. 
  • Rivalta (CEO of FINIX): we rely on digital manufacturing technologies, which will be key to the future competitiveness of our industry 4.0.

Milan 2nd July 2020 – FINIX Technology Solutions announces the entry of the Briki solution into its innovation hub, which works to support the digital transformation of Italian companies.

Briki was developed by Meteca, a company from the Ticino region that designs, manufactures and distributes electronic boards and wireless modules dedicated to the IoT and to the IIoT all over the world. Designed for the industrial market, they are also perfect for makers.

It is a modular hardware and software platform that makes it possible to speed up prototyping processes and implement complex and new-generation IoT projects in the industrial field. This module is pre-certified and ready to become a solid standard in the field of the Internet of Objects, which relies on small dimensions and, in the current  WB version, is equipped with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth.

Briki technology: an aid to accelerate the digital transformation process of companies

“Italy has historically positioned itself as one of the largest exporting and manufacturing nations globally,” remarked Danilo Rivalta, CEO of FINIX Technology Solutions. “In light of new international challenges, and the post-pandemic recovery phase, industries will need to invest to accelerate the digital transformation process of their value and supply chain.They must strategically focus on digital manufacturing technologies, digitise production processes to increase the ability to customize products, speed up time-to-market and contain production costs. In this sense, the Internet of Objects presents itself as the perfect technology to generate more efficient production processes that are able to respond quickly to market developments. For this reason, Briki technology from Meteca will allow us to strengthen our position in the industrial digitalisation sector, an area that industry analysts expect to expand strongly in the coming years”.

Briki: a hardware and software development solution for the IoT

“Our Briki products are designed for industry; they represent a hardware and software development solution designed with the aim of facilitating the passage of an electronic apparatus from the prototype phase to production, thanks to a small Som (System-on-Module), which is not only efficient but is characterized by a format shared by all the modules of the family.” commented Daniela Antonietti, founder and CEO of Meteca. “After my long experience at Arduino, with the new company Meteca we decided to invest immediately in high quality standards and small technical details and user interface, that make our products the best solution in the field of IoT. With Briki we aim to offer maximum flexibility of use for our customers, thanks to a module that can be used as-it-is both in the prototyping phase and in the phase of production, then weldable in the final product using the classic industrial processes. All equipped with a comprehensive firmware and software system, that is efficient and open, developed mainly in C/C++, and Phyton”.

The Briki module is now integrated into the offer of FINIX Technology Solution S.p.A.