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The world of IoT, as mentioned in previous articles, is rapidly expanding. This technology is used globally and in the most different sectors, allowing the adoption of innovative solutions in previously unexplored fields, and allowing companies that take advantage of it, to strengthen their position on the market. Thanks to METECA and its board line Briki®, the transition from design to implementation of IoT projects has become even shorter.

We have seen how in SUNSPEKER the technological contribution of the products of this Swiss company has become essential to completely renew traditional advertising communication out-of-home, making it not only modern but also ecological and useful. Among the projects in which METECA’s experience has been involved and it has brought innovation, we would also like to talk about SCRIBIT, a product that was created within the famous design studio Carlo Ratti Associati.

SCRIBIT is a vertical wall plotter that combines the digital world with the material world by drawing and deleting any artwork you choose, sending it from your PC to the wall of your office, your shop or simply your home any kind of artwork in your computer or mobile device. The beating heart of this little robot is the Briki MBC-WB board that, in addition to managing the WI-FI connection to the cloud and the artwork download from the cloud, manages the engines and sensors for moving the robot on the wall and also the draw and delete functions. All this technology is enclosed in an iconic circular envelope that, in addition to being functional, is an excellent design object even when it is not in motion.

However, such an original object requires a not less original design, so METECA has realized for Scribit a custom half moon motherboard, able to contain not only Briki MBC-WB, but also the technologies needed to let the robot working.

SCRIBIT and SUNSPEKER are two projects which clearly demonstrate how the Swiss company is able to adapt to any type of demand, from design projects to IoT networks for large industry. This is the value that Meteca can bring into IoT projects, with his experience and knowledge to the clients, to rapidly lead to results in a short time, without having to invest huge amounts of money to move from the project to the finished product.

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