Meteca: what makes us unique on the market?

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Welcome back to our IoT News.

If in the previous articles we gave an overview of the IoT and its importance, as well as its impact on our daily lives, today we want to talk to you about the commitment that the Meteca team reserves to its customers and to those who choose its solutions.

Why do we say that Meteca offers “continuous support” and how is it different from what you can   normally find on the market?

Let’s take an electronic component distributor as an example. Normally the distributor provides the component, possibly diagrams, application notes, sometimes sample codes or project examples. After that, the analysis of the material provided and the synthesis of a solution that responds to a specific problem based on the material provided is left to the user.

The process proposed by Meteca is totally different. Our goal is to establish a lasting relationship with the customer through which, in support of the supply of Briki products, we proceed to the detailed examination of the project specifications, of the design constraints, of any problems from the point of view of the final realization, of the design for manufacturing, certification. All this to reduce the timing for the realization of the final product as much as possible, limiting the prototyping runs and the occurrence of design problems as much as possible. 

In addition, Meteca can take full responsibility for the design, assembly, testing and certification of the customer’s product in order to allow a smoother, faster and more economical transition from idea to product. 

Meteca does not leave its partners at the end of the IoT project, but accompanies them throughout the process of maintaining and continuously updating the product and processes – even in the fundamental implementation of the security part. For this reason Meteca relies on certified partners, such as Security Pattern Srl, to evaluate possible problems from a security perspective, and then proceed with a Security by Design approach.

The activities that Meteca therefore offers to its partners are:

• Design support
• Analysis of the customer’s project specifications
• Identification of the most suitable solutions for the client’s project
• Hardware / firmware / software co-design
• Product design, user interface / UX / UI / Manuals / Graphics
• Design for manufacturing for the hardware solution
• Gig implementation of specific tests for the customer’s application
• Realization of prototypes, POF, and mass production (in batches of different sizes)
• Maintenance of designs, firmware and software
• Distribution support
• Support for the certification of the user’s end devices
• Customer support both online and over the phone.

To discover all our solutions, our products and for further information, do not hesitate to contact Meteca.