Solbian and Meteca: Pioneers in Nautical IoT

Smart Marine | Meteca

Meteca is pleased to present an in-depth look at our collaboration with Solbian, an example of excellence in the nautical sector, with a nod to the involvement of the renowned sailor Giovanni Soldini. This case study highlights the effectiveness of IoT in improving maritime operations, especially for pleasure boats.

The Solution: An Innovative Kit for Navigation

The core of our project with Solbian was the development of a state-of-the-art IoT kit, designed to enhance efficiency and safety in pleasure boats. This kit includes a range of smart sensors and connected devices, all integrated to provide optimal energy management and real-time monitoring of navigation conditions.

  1. Sensors and connected devices: The kit includes advanced sensors for monitoring elements such as the opening and closing of portholes, the presence of water in the bilge or the presence of smoke or fire on board.
  2. Energy management: A key component is the optimized management of energy, made possible by integrating Solbian’s solar panels. This system not only monitors energy consumption but also optimizes the use of resources onboard, reducing reliance on traditional energy sources.
  3. Intuitive user Interface: The kit is equipped with a simple and intuitive user interface, allowing owners and captains to easily monitor all the information collected by the sensors and efficiently manage various onboard systems.
  4. Predictive Maintenance: Thanks to the analysis of the collected data, the system can provide valuable insights for predictive maintenance, helping to prevent failures with specific fault alarms and extend the lifespan of the ship’s components.

Towards a sustainable and connected future

The collaboration between Solbian and Meteca represents a significant step forward in the nautical sector. This IoT kit not only enhances the navigation experience but also promotes sustainability and safety at sea. It is a concrete example of how IoT technology can transform maritime operations, making boats smarter and more connected.

Our partnership with Solbian exemplifies our dedication to providing innovative IoT solutions that meet the challenges of today and prepare for the future needs of the nautical sector.

Stay tuned for more insights and discover how Meteca is redefining the future of nautical navigation.