The first self-driving van developed from the collaboration between Argo AI and Volkswagen

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Welcome back to the news blog selected for our readers by the Meteca team. Today we are talking about IAA Mobility 2021, the great Munich motor show held from 7 to 12 September this year, and in particular about one of the most interesting innovations seen at the fair. We’re referring to ID. BUZZ AD, the first self-driving van developed from the collaboration between Argo AI and Volkswagen. We are going to delve deeper into this topic using an article published on

ID. BUZZ AD, the first self-driving van, was presented during the IAA Mobility 2021 fair in Munich. Developed from the collaboration between Argo AI and Volkswagen, this vehicle will be the future of autonomous mobility in Hamburg and Munich by 2025. According to the plans, these vans will be used on the streets of Munich (after extensive track tests close to the nearby Franz Josef Strauss airport), and will then also be introduced in Hamburg as well. The management of the project will be entrusted to MOIA, a successful company that manages car pooling services.

The development of van IDs. BUZZ AD was relatively fast, as Argo AI only received the base vehicle model from Volkswagen earlier this year. It took a few months to integrate all the necessary technologies and allow these cars to ensure safe autonomous driving.

The company uses an innovative form of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) for its autonomous driving capabilities. The researchers worked on creating a detection sensor far superior to the competition.

Bryan Salesky, founder and CEO of Argo AI, pointed out how LiDAR and ID. BUZZ AD represent important innovations destined to revolutionise transport and deliveries. According to Argo AI forecasts, the first self-driving vehicles will be placed on the market at the end of this year thanks to an exclusive collaboration with Lyft and Ford. This is possible thanks to the enormous amount of testing work carried out by Argo AI which, in addition to the Munich track, owns a second one in Pennsylvania (USA). In this way, vehicles can be tested 24/7.

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