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In the last two articles, we have introduced you to Meteca and the world of the Iot. We have explained that the innovation of the Internet of Things cannot be limited to the world of the electronic gadgets or makers’ projects. In fact, thanks to the module developed by the Swiss company, Briki MBC®, it can be easily integrated into the world of big and small industry. 

This happens not only due to the ease of programming and versatility, but also to its important technical features. 

Briki MBC® (Modular Brick Concept) is an electronic board, having the shape of a module, which has a high ratio between the computing power and dimension. It contains two microprocessors – one for control functions, the other for data processing and radio transmission plus a crypto-chip that guarantees the safety of the data transmission.  

How can all this technology be an advantage for companies?

The IoT is a system of interrelated electronic devices over a network, that doesn’t require any human interference. As it is characterized by a wide variety of features, it includes different technologies, like Machine Learning, wireless sensor network, as well as control system and industrial automation. If a company wants to optimize its production investing in innovation, Meteca is the perfect partner.

One of the most important features of IoT for the industrial sector is the Predictive Maintenance: with the real-time analysis of data generated by machines, it is possible to define their lifecycle, prevent any possible upcoming failure and plan maintenance in order to reduce as much as possible production blocks. 

By choosing the most appropriate machine learning algorithm, it is possible to analyse data, with the aim of maximizing the production cycle, optimizing costs and improving the efficiency of the plant.

Its extreme versatility makes it the perfect choice for any field of application, like employee monitoring, logistics and workplace safety

What action can Meteca take, in this scenery?

The staff of the Swiss company will help the customer to identify the best design solution, based on its Briki MBC®, capable of fully responding to all his needs. 

The use of this technology will allow companies to considerably reduce the long and expensive innovation processes, satisfying customers’ needs very quickly. 

For further information on the world of the Iot, please contact here Meteca.