What is Sunspeker? An innovative startup for the world of smart cities

Sunspeker totem | Meteca

Today the Meteca team is proud to tell the blog readers its contribution to an ambitious and eco-sustainable project: we are talking about SUNSPEKER and the multifunction totem that from a green advertising panel aims to become a real technology hub.

In 2018 Fabrizio Chiara founded Sunspeker Solutions and began, together with Alessandro Zerbetto and Andrea Gaiardo, the design and construction of a smart and sustainable totem that, thanks to solar energy, can project advertising messages. But the SAS Totem (Smart and Sustainable Totem) has in fact become much more. It is a structure capable of:

  • Produce clean energy thanks to the photovoltaic panels that compose it (and on which advertising is printed). The production is around 120kWh of electricity per year, with the relative reduction of about 0.4 tons of CO2 emissions;
  • Become a charging station for electric bikes and scooters using smart sockets.
In the SAS Totem there are our Briki® modules thanks to which it is possible:
  • To provide an analysis of the environmental conditions in which the totem is located (air quality, solar radiation, temperature, humidity…) and make it available in real time, thanks to a suitably designed set of sensors and IoT technology;
  • To manage (enable / monitor / disable) the smart electrical sockets for the distribution of clean energy produced by the “invisible” photovoltaic panels on which the advertising runs.
  • Acquire and process images of the space surrounding the totem (image recognition technology). The briki module is used as a camera and the video stream produced is then transmitted to a server thanks to the powerful 5G network present in the totem.

The Sunspeker totem, therefore, perfectly integrates into smart cities. The spaces that we frequent both for pleasure and for necessity, in fact, must meet the growing and changing needs of citizens – with an eye to eco-sustainability.

Clean energy, electric vehicle charging, fast connection: the SAS Totem seemed the most sensible choice even for those who, on a daily basis, frequent two excellent tech spaces in Lombardy, namely Kilometro Rosso (innovation pole located in Bergamo) and the MIND District of Milan.

In the spaces of Kilometro Rosso, the employees of the companies of the hub will be able to use the SUNSPEKER totems not only to recharge their sustainable means of transport, but also to use connectivity. Thanks to the BRIKI sensors it will then be possible to analyze atmospheric data, carry out “image recognition” to better understand how different target users use the totem, and all in full compliance with anonymity and privacy protection regulations. The MIND District, a new science park located in the former Expo area in Milan, will be able to take advantage of the many services offered by the SAS Totem: recharging electric vehicles, connectivity to the network, information on environmental pollution.

The SUNSPEKER SAS Totem is the demonstration that technology can and must undertake to follow paths that encourage eco-sustainability, thanks to these characteristics the company has become part of the special ranking of the most innovative startups dedicated to the world of smart cities. We of the Meteca team are very proud to be an important partner for this project, because we strongly believe that we can innovate by giving concrete help to safeguard the planet.

To find out more about SUNSPEKER, Briki® modules and other Meteca products contact us.