Why is our colour orange in the IoT world?

Orange color | Meteca

In the field of advertising, the use of colour has the effect of stimulating sensations, emotions and meaning in the unconscious ì part of the brain. Meteca, therefore, when designing the Briki® range of circuit boards, have developed a study about the colour it should have had.

We are bombarded on a daily basis by colours and our behaviour is influenced by them: they are the most powerful form of non-verbal communication and are used in many contexts to convey messages and determine purchasing choices or moods.

90% of consumers, in fact, consider colour to be one of the determining factors in their choice when purchasing a product and, for a brand, it is very important to choose a palette of suitable colours to represent the product’s personality.

But what has the colour orange always symbolized?

The word ORANGE (from the sixteenth century) comes from the discovery of the fruit oranges; before the discovery of this fruit, in fact, orange was not considered a colour but only a variant of red. This is why in the common language we still talk about “red fishes”, “red hair” and “red cat” even if their colour is orange.

Orange is a secondary colour, a combination of red and yellow, and this is very important in understanding its perceived nature. It activates the sympathetic neurovegetative nervous system, so it is a stimulant. Red “excites” the body to act physically, while yellow activates the mind and creativity.

METECA, in its choice of colours for Briki®, used a palette of shades of orange for their modules, in addition to grey for carrier boards.

Orange expresses curiosity and energy and because of this it is used to renew, to attract attention and communicate dynamism and strong positivity, while grey is a cold but active colour, which communicates a calm, formal detachment – it is also the colour of technology, which on the web is used for sites dealing with technological and computer products.

The shade of orange chosen by this Swiss company also reminds you of the colour of a brick, the basic element for the creation of architectural structures such as bridges. In this case, the bridge that Meteca seeks to create is that between the world of  Industrial IoT and the world of IoT makers.

Since IoT and IIoT are the main reference markets of the company, the brand is so dynamic, but at the same time solid and reliable, in balance between energy and professionalism.

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