Why Meteca and Briki can help you

Briki Solutions | Meteca

Given the semiconductor crisis situation described in a previous post (which you can re-read by clicking here), it might seem almost impossible to make an electronic product right now.
It is certainly more complex than usual but, thanks to Briki technology, here at Meteca we can help you make your goal attainable in a simpler and more cost-efficient way.

What you would have to do in a standard situation would be build your product from scratch – which would require repeated rounds of prototyping and re-designing, perhaps even several different electronic boards to control different functions. As a result, dedicated electronic components would have to be researched and purchased for each of these boards.
What’s more, if you used prototyping boards for the design of your PoC (Proof of Concept), you would definitely have to redesign the solution from the beginning so that you could optimize it for production and industrialization. This, in turn, would involve a further search for new electronic components.

However, by relying on Meteca the scenario changes completely. We start by analysing what the standard time frame for your project would be, and then see how it can be reduced by using our Briki technology. The MBC module allows you to have a unique device for your IoT projects thanks to:
– low energy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
– a dedicated micro control unit.

The MBC is in fact characterized by two complementary brains (two microcontrollers) with different properties (calculation and control) connected to each other by a liquid data exchange system. This translates into great computing power, high energy savings and flexibility of application to each request of the end customer.
Furthermore, with Briki, the solution you use in prototyping is the same as the one you bring into production: the components you choose are therefore the same both in the prototype and in the product. Meteca’s rapid prototyping carrier cards (ABC and DBC) are designed to accommodate the same MBC that is then used in the final product. Their design is also open so they can be used as a reference design for new projects.

Another fundamental element is the technological complexity which has been completely concentrated on our MBC module. This allows those who develop their final solution with Briki to significantly lighten the design work and the need for electronic components – with a further reduction in time and costs.
Our MBC does not just allow companies to accelerate the R&D phase and the transition from prototype to final product. If you do not have the internal research and development resources available, we at Meteca can take care of everything. Our skills range from the detailed examination of project specifications to design constraints, from the resolution of any problems in the final implementation to the work on Design For Manufacturing and Assembly, up to the final testing and certification.

All this reduces to a minimum the time it takes to manufacture the product, while also limiting the occurrence of design problems and saving you the effort of searching for raw materials.
If you would like to know more and ask for our advice, do not hesitate to contact the Meteca team.