Why should you innovate your business with IoT solutions?

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Our society, increasingly interconnected, could not survive a single day without the IoT, the Internet of Things. You’ve probably heard of it countless times, but do you know what it is?

The term IoT indicates all those technologies that make it possible to transform any object into a device connected to the Internet and other objects, and which is able to exchange information with them without the need for human intervention.

Any device with an on / off switch has the potential to become an IoT device. In fact, any everyday product (even the most unthinkable) can become a smart object.

Having said this, it is also necessary that companies adapt to these new, extraordinary technologies, incorporating them. You are probably thinking: “How can the IoT be useful for my company? I already have products that, even without connectivity or remote control, work perfectly on the market. My customers are satisfied, my sales figures are growing. The internal organization and its relations with the outside seem to me to be well and functional “.

The answer is: for a company to become (and remain) a leader in its reference market, it cannot rely only on a good product and reliable procedures. Maintenance and performance must always be perfect. And in this field, IoT technologies and solutions are at the origin of a revolution that is affecting all the main areas of business processes.

In each of these areas, the functionality of constant monitoring (even remotely) guides the transformation of objects into Smart Objects that are “intelligent” and interconnected thanks to IoT sensors. The communication also connects machines (Machine To Machine, M2M), introducing benefits for all companies: greater production efficiency, cost reduction, and improvement of customer services.

Being excluded from this revolutionary process means, in the medium term, being cut off from the market.

There are many companies that have already incorporated the IoT into their organization: a path in progress, constantly evolving and therefore full of challenges to be accepted with enthusiasm and curiosity.

However, this transformation process is not immediate, on the contrary: to design and implement an IoT product, it is necessary to overcome several steps, most of which require resources and technical skills that companies often do not possess.

First of all, it is necessary to analyze in detail the needs of the individual company / project and the characteristics of the starting situation, identifying any blocking points or critical points that prevent the achievement of the intended result.

Once the project specifications have been identified, it is necessary to analyze the best possible solution on the basis of some figures (for example production volumes, timing, costs, etc.). Here begins the design phase and the consequent physical realization of the device. Finally, we proceed with the field test, the validation of the design (with any corrections) and, as a final step, the certification.

It is important that every smart device is not only composed of hardware, but has a firmware. As simple as it may be, this component is extremely delicate and can be hacked – to spy on the user, or to make the device do something unexpected (and dangerous). This is why it is important to implement, and update over time, a substantial part of security in every IoT product.

If after reading these lines the IoT seems too complex to you, we guarantee you that it is not. We at Meteca will guide you and give you the necessary support during all the phases mentioned in this article. 

We will take care of all the technological complexities, ensuring that you always keep up with the evolution of the sector.

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