2021: the year of the IoT

2021 year of innovations | Meteca

Today, on Meteca’s blog, we tell you how 2021 will be the year in which the IoT (Internet of Things) will be definitively established as one of the innovations we cannot do without. In support of our article, a blogpost on the site

According to a study conducted by Verified Market Research, the market value of the IoT is experiencing unprecedented growth: from 212.1 billion dollars in 2018, it is estimated that it will reach a record share of 1.3 thousand billion dollars in 2026. In addition to this incredible data, research carried out by Sequitur Labs, a company focused on the security of embedded devices, has designated this year as the one in which we will witness a real boom in smart devices thanks to the enhancement of IoT. And by ‘boom’ we don’t just mean an increase in the number of intelligent devices, but also the actual production of new devices – whose market launch will be the start of many new projects related to the world of IoT.

The year 2020 has seen many projects flounder due to remote management problems; however, the new year that has just started looks full of promise. The experts at Sequitur Labs, while recognizing the difficulty of some projects and a lack of expertise in the field, believe that 2021 will be the year in which, thanks to new implementations and features added to devices, the trend will change and we will see an exponential growth of successful IoT projects.

But what are the aspects that experts will focus on to reverse trends and empower the world of IoT? According to Sequitur Labs, here are the main ones.

1. Enhancing remote management and control of IoT devices.

As we know, a lot of people have started working from home during the pandemic. For many companies, therefore, it was necessary to have remote monitoring of industrial devices, mostly connected. This year, it is likely that more attention will be paid to networks and to security issues, updates, data storage and system recovery.

2. Greater cloud integration.

3. IoT in medical devices.

Remotely monitored medical devices equipped with IoT are ever-increasing and their use could change the world of healthcare as we know it: significantly reduced management costs and falling admission rates are just some of the encouraging results so far. A malfunctioning or compromised device is a problem from many points of view: patients’ sensitive data is in danger; a cyber attack is just around the corner. Safely is one of the aspects to be improved but, in general, there will be a particular focus for all purpose-based solutions in the industry.

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