Briki MBC: a module that’s different from the rest

Briki MBC module | Meteca

Welcome back to the usual appointment with Meteca news. Today we are going to be discussing the Briki MBC and how this module can be the solution to various problems. We have considered several hypothetical situations in which the MBC could prove to be the right solution for you: here are some of them!

1. “I don’t have much space and I can’t insert a complex electronic board into my IoT product that can deal with several different activities in parallel.”

With Briki:

In only 38mmX16mm, the MBC can simultaneously perform control operations, complex calculation operations and Wi-Fi/BT connection which only a much larger electronic board would normally be capable of.

2. “My module only allows me to do a predefined and closed number of operations, and therefore prevents me from achieving certain results or makes the design too long and complex”.

With Briki:

Double “brain” with liquid communication! Thanks to the special hardware architecture and to firmware created by Meteca, the Briki MBC’s two microcontrollers have a characteristic and unique “liquid communication” that goes beyond the classic and rigid master / slave configuration.

3. “I can’t complete many of the IoT projects I start, because I spend too much time building both the hardware and firmware of my solution from scratch.

With Briki:

R&D at no cost! Two of the most widely-used microcontrollers in the design of microcontroller technologies – “open” documentation available online.

4. “I’d like to use rapid prototyping boards to speed up the R&D phase and obtain a validated PoC (Proof Of Concept), but the prototyping boards are not compatible with an industrialization and mass production phase. So I have to re-design.”

With Briki:

From prototype to product with zero modifications. The solution you use in prototyping is the same one you bring to production! The rapid prototyping boards offered by Meteca (ABC and DBC) are designed to accommodate the same MBC that is then used in the final product.

5. “I can’t go from prototyping to production because I’m stuck on certification operations, which are expensive, complicated and time-consuming”.

With Briki:

Already certified and ready for production! The module is already certified for the European (ETSI / RED) and American (FCC) market, with possible expansions into other markets, on request.

6. “I have designed a device and I’d like to be able to offer it to different customers with differing needs, for example: lower consumption, greater power, or the presence of interfaces currently not implemented; but I don’t want to change the solution or have to redesign everything”.

With Briki:

One module, many solutions. We can replace the SAMD21 Cortex M0+ microcontroller with a SAMD51 Cortex M4, or with a SAML21, twin of the SAMD21 but pico-power, while still maintaining pin-to-pin compatibility. Finally, if necessary, the Cortex can still be replaced with the SAMC21, a 5V microcontroller with CAN BUS ideal for Industrial Automation applications.

7. “The solution offered is interesting, but I would need more memory for my application, to store complex data or algorithms…”

With Briki:

So much memory, same space occupied. The Briki MBC was created with a 64Mbit mass memory dedicated partly to the microcode of the ESP32 and partly free for the user, so that data or any type of file can be stored. And as if that were not enough, you can also replace the 64Mbit memory with the 128Mbit version, without any changes at the circuit level.

8. “Speaking of IoT, it is crucial to take security into account. I have looked for different solutions and many have an unacceptable level of security and may even require a lot of configuration efforts to use the most common cloud systems”.

With Briki:

Security by-design and ease of use. The MBC-WB, in addition to hosting the ESP32, which already has interesting security qualities, can also mount a dedicated crypto-chip, the ECC608B by Microchip, which also allows you to extend security to the Cortex side of the board, as well as allowing the storage of keys and certificates for the major clouds currently available. All achieved easily and quickly thanks to the configuration software provided.

Do you have any other questions about our Briki module? Contact the Meteca team, we will be happy to help you.