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Briki DBC | Meteca

We continue our exploration of the Briki® universe, the flagship product of the Swiss company Meteca. Today we’re going to talk about the DBC board (Debugger Board Carrier).

The ciruit board has been developed by the company from the Ticino region to speed up the code development inside the Briki® MBC, and is also useful in debugging and prototyping.

The DBC Board allows access to the MBC pin with the possibility to use a USB 2.0 port and SWD\JTAG interfaces for debugging.

“The DBC ciruit board was initially developed in response to a need within Meteca’s R&D team: to have a tool that would allow a thorough debugging of the MBC module,” Meteca’s team explained, “that was at the same time so versatile that it could be used as a basis for development for the most diverse applications, from the platform for automated testing of the framework, to the system of testing and programming of the hardware adopted at the end of the production line. Using it in R&D as a main tool in conjunction with an MBC, we immediately realized that it could become a valuable aid for the design of solutions based on our module, not just for us but also for our customers, who could use it at any stage of prototype development, both firmware and (above all) hardware”.

In contrast to the ABC, that as we have seen offers a more exploratory, and therefore more rigid, experience compared to the features of the module, the DBC is the ideal tool for the designer who wants to have full control over the MBC: access to all the module pins, without constraints imposed by the  design of the card, on two serigraphed pin headers; debugging interfaces conveniently displayed on two dedicated connectors, and with a pinout compatible with the most popular debugging systems for 32-bit architectures; a form factor that makes it compatible for connecting both to other breakout boards and a breadboard.

To all this, they serve as the corollary of the USB interface, exposed on the on-board connector and on the pin header, and the 3.3V power supply.

The DBC card is the perfect bridge from the prototyping of a device to the final product based on the MBC module.

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