Google and Autodraw: an automated drawing software

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This week’s Meteca blog article talks  about one of Google’s most interesting tools: Google AutoDraw. Do you know it? If the answer is no, here’s some more information on the Mountain View giant’s drawing tool.

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One of the latest tools made available to Google users is called Autodraw and is a tool that supports drawing: you will be able to transform simple and imperfect drawings (even a few and confused lines) into beautiful images that you can download and use as you wish.

Autodraw is a free and open source tool, which uses Artificial Intelligence systems, and can be used both on PC, smartphones or tablets.

But what is it about? While you draw lines on your screen (which turns into a real blank sheet), the tool tries to recognize the drawing you are making and suggests its completion (using the same technology already used in QuickDraw). The program works thanks to Machine Learning – combined with drawings by famous artists – and it is always thanks to ML that it “learns” from each new drawing, storing information to become more and more precise.

And how does it work specifically? To start, you can click on the “Start Draw” button: while you start drawing on the white screen, the system shows a list of shapes that are close to the one you have drawn at the top; if you click on a shape, it replaces your drawing and you can start drawing from there.

In addition to the image completion option, you have the option of continuing to draw freehand and modify the draft in size or color, as well as adding text, shapes, etc.

This new type of use of AI in general could revolutionize digital drawing, simplifying very long procedures that are usually performed with graphics tablets and drawing support programs, for computers that are not easy to use.

Could it even evolve into a new art? Who knows, only the future will tell us!

Do you want to try it? Click on this link:

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