Iot against Covid19 – A smart example

IoT against COVID | Meteca

We have often talked about how new technologies, the IoT and virtual and augmented realities can have an enormous impact on the struggle against the Covid 19 epidemic.

The need to identify those who are sick before they come into contact with other people is the basis of many ideas that have recently been put forward. 

A case study that has come to the fore in recent days is a project that has of late been in operation in one of Italy’s largest airports. We’re talking about a “Smart helmet” which, since 5th May, has been worn by some workers at Fiumicino airport with the aim of identifying and stopping possible cases of Covid within the airport building.

The first prototypes, made by the Chinese firm, KC Wearable, contain a thermo scanner able to detect, in real time, the body temperature of passengers passing through check-in, but their speciality is the augmented reality interface that allows those who use it to see people with a body temperature that is too high, which shows that they currently have a fever. Thanks to its high-quality panel, this innovative tool becomes a very useful partner in the fight against the spread of Covid, allowing the user to detect critical cases up to a distance of 7 metres, without having to approach them. 

The ease of use and the speed of data analysis has convinced the management of the Rome airport to immediately order 30 models, with another 30 to follow, and they will soon be used in the Milan underground too. This “Smart helmet” is a classic case of a brilliant idea developed in a short time thanks to the collaboration of high-technologies companies with the world of makers, who made available their creativity and ability to innovate.

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