Matter, a unique IoT protocol for Smart Home and Google I/O 2021 latest news

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Today, on IoTNews, we talk about the latest news on communication protocols for the technologies of the Smart Home sector.

In 2019 an agreement for the Smart Home of the future was born, carried out by the big players of the sector, including Google, Amazon and Apple, with the aim of ensuring that all Smart Home devices, from Nest to Echo, travel on a single IoT communication standard protocol.

The goal was that with this agreement consumers will no longer be forced to worry about the compatibility of the products they buy. The Matter logo, created to be the symbol of this union, three arrows pointing towards the center, represents: unification, convergence and collaboration.

The protocol was announced at the end of 2019, and sees over 170 major brands participate, including IKEA, Samsung SmartThings and Signify (Philips Hue): it is royalty free and is based on three wireless communication protocols:

  • Bluetooth for initial setup
  • Wi-Fi for high-speed data transmission (streaming from a video camera or intercom, for example) 
  • Thread, recently developed, which creates low-power consumption mesh network

Many news have been presented during the Google I / O 2021, an event that lasts several days followed by conferences and different products presentations.

We will tell you the most interesting details thanks to the support of an article published on the specialized site

The Matter unified IoT protocol has been one of the hottest topics and has created the most interest. In fact, Google has revealed that existing Nest products and Android itself will be integrated with Matter.

Google Home is therefore preparing to become the “queen” of the smart home, a single app able to control all house domotics. Even devices like Nest Hub and Hub Max will be able to independently configure and add any new accessories compatible with Matter to Home.

Domotics is very important to Google, which is now totally projected towards an increasingly smart concept of living. The company created a web portal through which customers can purchase various devices compatible with “Hey Google” ecosystem. By doing this, it will be easier for consumers to choose the most suitable products for their home. Creating your own smart home ecosystem will be fast and intuitive. Users can also be guided by suggestions and products recommendations by the site itself: by doing so, the customer’s orientation to shopping is facilitated and oriented.

Now let’s talk about Android 12, the latest  Google’s version released. Google Assistant will be increasingly integrated into Android; indeed, it helps the user a lot thanks to new shortcuts called Suggestion Chips.

Finally, but not in order of importance, is Google’s decision to use a new font, Google Sans Text, also for applications – and no longer only for the company logo and slogans.

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