MBC Module: from IoT ideas to industrial products

Briki MBC module | Meteca

On these pages we have told you the story of Meteca, the young company from the Ticino region, that has distinguished itself by the creation of modules for the IOT.

We have told you about Briki®, the brand that characterises the family of products. We’ve told you how the Internet Of Things is gaining ground in small and large companies, promising to significantly reduce the long processes and the high costs of the research&development and production phases.

Today we’re going to get more technical by analysing exactly what the MBC module is and explain its story, through the words of the founders of this Swiss firm: “The MBC was developed by Meteca’s R&D team under the guidance of the CTO Dario Trimarchi and is composed of: Andrea Martino (test and software), who, for over ten years, has been responsible for testing the circuit boards in Arduino, Chiara Ruggeri (firmware and software) a talented developer who also has recent experience in the development team of Arduino, and Dario Trimarchi himself (hardware and firmware).

At the heart of the MBC module is an idea that was the brainchild of Daniela Antonietti and Dario Trimarchi who, with the support of Daniele Colombo, wanted to create a new electronic board that would reduce a company’s time to market while simultaneously building a bridge from the world of industry to that of makers. After an intense brainstorming session, Dario and his team began to plan what would become, a year later, the MBC-WB, the first product of the Briki family of products.

MBC (Modular Brick Concept) is the equivalent of an actual electronic board, characterized by high power and flexibility despite its very small size.. Fitted inside are two microprocessors (one dedicated to control purposes and the other to process the data and the radio transmission) and a crypto-chip that ensures the overall system security. 

“The SoM (System-on-Module) MBC-WB is part of the Briki MBC family. Each MBC has different characteristics, which range from a diverse selection of MCU and/or internal structure, to different functions and/or specific fields of application, but all of them share the same type of connection and the same “form factor”. The technicians of Meteca explained: “This leads to easier migration from one technology or function to another, without the need for any special modifications”. 

Furthermore, the MBC module contains other important features: two supplementary brains with different properties (calculus and control) connected to each other by liquid data exchange system. This results in a higher computing power, higher energy savings and the ability to be flexible to the end customer’s requirements.

This compact and certified SoM is the ideal solution for designers who want a single device for their IoT projects thanks to the energy-saving Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and to a dedicated micro control unit. MBC, like all modules of the Briki family, is a product designed to adapt quickly to every project, for companies both large and small.

For further information on the world of IoT, we invite you to contact Meteca here.

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