SUNSPEKER, sustainability in smart city advertising by solar energy

Sunspeker with Briki MBC | Meteca

When thinking about solar energy, usually what springs to mind is  technology which adapts perfectly to large surfaces, but is still not very functional in small spaces. Starting from this concept, the creative mind of Turin-based Fabrizio Chiara created the startup SUNSPEKER with the aim of innovating and making advertising communication more sustainable and in particular for the “Out of Home” sector, which is the communications in every external environment. Their first patent concerns invisible solar panels, capable of integrating into any type of promotional structure without losing their effectiveness. Towards the end of 2018, when the patent filing process was completed, Fabrizio, with the collaboration of Alessandro Zerbetto and Andrea Gaiardo, developed the idea of creating a “Smart and Sustainable (SAS) Totem”.

The SAS TOTEM is an advertising structure designed to support the new communication infrastructures of the “smart cities“. Inside, thanks to collaboration with METECA, in addition to a 4/5G hotspot, there is a mix of sensors and IOT technology that detects the surrounding environment parameters and manages smart electrical outlets that distribute the energy produced by “invisible” photovoltaic panels created by SUNSPEKER.

This totem was created following the idea that the current advertising structures are now outdated, having been conceived about twenty years ago. Their aim was only to transmit an advertising message, but in the cities that are becoming increasingly smart, with a population that has new needs to be met, they are now inadequate.

The OOH (outdoor advertising) sector is evolving itself in search of innovative solutions and business models, and the SUNSPEKER totem it’s the perfect answer to present and future market needs, for a modern and interactive audience with special attention to environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, the SAS Totem is the first “semi-autonomous” solution capable of producing clean energy through solar panels covered with a special patented film where it is possible to print the advertising poster, letting the totem produce 120kWh of electric energy/year, with a consequent reduction of 0.4 tons of CO2. The Totem, moreover, can transfer all the excess energy it produces to the electricity grid by providing its energy to smart outlets, or to the charging of bikes or electric scooters. Thanks to the Briki® modules, made by METECA, the sensors inside can also provide a real-time analysis of the surrounding environmental conditions.

With the Totem, the company providing advertising space can thus expand its core business by creating a network of hubs that provide different services to the public. For further information on the IoT world, please contact Meteca here.