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Welcome, we introduce you today to this information area about IoT

When we talk about “Internet of things”, it always seems to refer to something futuristic, but the Iot is already with us and it supports us in daily life.

Especially now, when the emergency due to the coronavirus (covid-19) brings significant changes in the interaction of people whether visiting physical spaces or mutual closeness and surely in the use of products and services. The main boost from robotics will be at the service of the healthcare system, the process of buying and consuming food and many other aspects will encourage companies to consider the world of Internet of things even more.
If this will be a boost, no less are all the other possibilities that can truly take advantage of the IoT even today. From smartwatches and fitness trackers, commercial hubs for domotics and in-car voice assistants, this technology developed in the “workshops 4.0.” of engineers and inventors, in the past few years, has raised the small and big industry’s interest in the continuous research of innovations to make your business smarter. 

What is the internet of things? It simply is the interaction of the internet with the physical world. Basically, this is a new generation of microchip and information systems which are able to interact with each other, with customers and the surrounding space because of the data flow coming from internet and spread through Wi-Fi or by cable. 

We will tell you about Meteca, the Swiss company that, thanks to high innovation rate of its products and liquid technology, has managed to satisfy customers’ demand.

In the next few days, we will examine the history of the company in more depth and the enormous potential of Briki, its leading product.
For now, we can only suggest you to stay connected. As usual, if you want to explore how the IoT world will change your company, contact here Meteca.