Why are we here?

Why are we here? | Meteca

Some days ago on these pages, we briefly introduced you to the world of the IoT and its multiple ways of use. Today we will talk about Meteca, a company that has been investing in research and innovation in the Internet of Things system for several years. Meteca is a Swiss company, founded in 2018 by Daniela Antonietti, who after working for some years in Arduino, has decided to start her own business, aiming to gather a new generation of talents. 

Meteca´s first project addressed to the public is Briki MBC®, a module with a really innovative board’s power. This is a concrete connection between the world of production and that of Makers and FabLab. A perfect approach for all the companies and managers that want to get new ideas to make their business actually smarter.  

“Meteca, with the Briki MBC® brand, aims to be the technology that simplifies the process from the product idea to its prototype and industrial production. At the same time, it wants to be a link between the industry and the so-called “makers”- a movement born in the early 2000s -.
Today, companies launching new products are using developing systems that are able to create prototypes rapidly. Still products require a large amount of resources to be implemented. 
Research and Development departments will now have with Briki MBC® the chance to access to the same tools and systems used in the “makers” world. By doing so, they will avoid to slow down the production with items that need to be completely redesigned in the certification process. 
Briki MBC® has already been certified with industrial characteristics. However, with the high compatibility and flexibility level of its code, with the ease of its use, it is willing to reach out to the hobbyists’ world as well”.

Moreover, Briki MBC® has these features: two complementary brains with different properties (calculation and control) and above all, the innovative fluid system of data exchange. This can be translated into an increase in computing power, energy saving and flexibility of use by the end customer. 

“We would like to lead as many companies as possible to use this module with the awareness that it has all the capabilities of a standard board and that, compared to other boards, can easily be used in the industrial field, once the solution has been planned”.   

There is a further guarantee for companies that want to innovate in the world of the IoT. In fact, Briki MBC® is an open-space platform that enables makers and universities to get new ideas. At the same time, thanks to its crypto-chip, it ensures the safety and privacy of all Projects carried out in the industry. 

In conclusion, we can assure that people who want to work with Meteca, do not do that only due to its high innovation, but also because its staff provides them prompt and high-level assistance, ensuring a greater speed in the development of projects. If you want to find out more about Meteca and its applications Briki®, click here.